Thursday, October 1, 2009

An apology:

Walt has a post about blogs (library blogs in particular, since he does periodic surveys and reports his results in the form of print matter that he publishes but that nobody buys - yeah, babe, I share your pain)....

He says that most blogs that go into suspended animation and suddenly reawaken with some message about how the blogger is so sorry for abandoning her post and how she will try harder to make it up, post this message right before the blog succumbs to the terminal illness of slack.

Me, I pretend these bloggers had some really important message, but were thwarted by an ominous branch of the government and given untraceable poisons, their bodies later discovered by cleaning women hired by landlords to go find out what that smell is coming from 2G. Walt finds a direct correlation between the "I'm sorry for not posting; I'll try to do better" message and the imminent death of the blog. I see this message as disinformation spread by those governmental assassins to lead us to believe that all is well, when that poor blogger has already bought it and evacuated herself into her Hello Kitty pajamas.

The other day on Twitter ("blogging for 'tards"), I had this exchange with MLx:
MLx: How NOT To Suck At Blogging

Me: @MLx this guy takes his blog way too seriously... "sucking" is relative. you only
suck at blogging when you quit doing it. otherwise: WIN.
My point was, either blog or don't blog; any frequency or amount is fine.

It's like when I answer the phone at the Reference Desk in the library and hear this:
Can I ask you a question? Are you ready? Do you think you can help me? I always ask the library first because they always know everything. So are you ready for my question?

MoFo, I was born ready, but now I think I need a nap.

But I guess that's not as bad as the caller who just says, "Anderson, it looks like a B."

And I ask, "Do you need Anderson, it looks like a B's phone number?"

"No, this is a painting of a unicorn wearing a tutu, and it says, Anderson with a B. I think he's famous. So what's that worth?"

The first thing I think is, if he's famous, then you don't have one of his.

I think I hate those calls the most.

Oh, but getting back to the apology. I've been doing this crap pretty consistently for two-and-a-half years now. And I'm sorry for continuing. I'll try harder to stop.