Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inappropriately Sexy Daddy

I was just about to send this to Maughta at Judge a Book by its Cover, but then I remembered that I'm lazy and posting it here would solve the problem of my not wanting to make something up just to keep you entertained.

[...and maybe you want to Click this link to visit Maughta's artsy-fartsy shop to purchase rendered coolness?]

Anyway, I was watching Jay Leno tonight when he showed a copy of One Sexy Daddy by Vivian Lieber with its questionable cover of, I'm guessing, the sexy daddy with the object of his desire on his knee (see image).

I don't know what the editorial department at Harlequin was thinking when they selected the cover illustration to go with that title because I'm not sure whether the One Sexy Daddy is a meaningless superlative like World's Greatest Boss, or if that little girl is supposed to be thinking it. Because, and you can disagree if you want to sound like a very sick person, I don't think that little girls are supposed to think of any grown man as sexy until they're at least old enough to stop carrying a teddy bear with them everywhere they go.

So I was just going to email this to Judgeabook when I scrolled down to read the Most Helpful Customer Review, which says,

"As entertaining as it is educational, Daddy grabs you from the get-go with its description of Adam Tyler, a charismatic architect, who zooms into our lives in
his tomato-red beamer, fresh from three months in the Amazon where he built both
a hospital for the poor and his smooth caramel chest."

"Can a big-city swinger survive in a generic small town? Will spending time with his daughter bring Adam down to Earth? Why does Whoopi Goldberg have a career?
Two of these questions will be answered by the novel's gripping climax."
What? You mean someone is using Amazon's review system to make jokes? And I immediately thought how little I would have to make up after I copied and pasted some of the review into this blog post here.

So here there it was, with as little input from me as possible. Sorry, Maughta.

This customer review also reminds me of a story I read the other day, "Amazon hijacked: 10 funniest review threads," but those weren't all that funny, so don't bother clicking over to it.

Added note: I posted this late last night and already got many, many hits from people googling this book (so I wish I'd posted it earlier).

And look how much Google loves me... look where this blog appears when someone searches it... I still believe that Google is screwing with me, but this isn't really proof, is it?