Saturday, August 1, 2009

We need insurance for the wired world.

So the RIAA screws some other poor bastard for hundreds of thousands of dollars (re: Joel Tenenbaum, $675 thousand; and Jammie Thomas-Rasset $1.92 million) for music file sharing.

And recently, a property management company sued someone for $50,000 for a tweet the company considered libelous.

In a connected world, every action creates equal, opposite, and even violent reactions.

I continue to see car, health and home owner insurance advertised on television, but where are the Internet, social networking insurance companies?
  • Where is my blog post or tweet insurance for the time I mistakenly comment that fast food from M********* gave me this humongous culo?
  • Or for when I link to a Korean site that streams Harry Potter movies?
  • Or for when I snip too much of that Associated Press article?
  • Or for when I copy, link, tweet, retweet, post, borrow, steal or reference anything on the Internet ever again.
How soon until I can cover my ass with $1 million of protection ("for just pennies a day")?

Don't current events demand this type of coverage?

... But won't the existence of such insurance only increase the spread of excessive tort litigation? Crap.