Friday, July 31, 2009

My Secret.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with the Internet. Some subscribe to feeds and use a reader to get the latest news. Some get daily emails. Some just read the Internet as it comes across the screen.

But I can't stand reading the Internet online. That's my secret.

I don't know what it is about being online, but it just feels gross. It's like I'm being groped by an infinity of monkeys. Dirty, dirty monkeys. Or hobos. Or old people.

Even logging in to read email has me rushing to the bathroom to wash my hands. And other stuff.

So I get the Internet in print.

It's not something many people do, and maybe you've never heard of it, but I follow the print edition of the Internet.

For people like me, there's a service called,, and each month, they take all the posts from my subscription sites and print them out, and then they mail the bundle of pages to me. I can't stand reading the Internet online, so I pay to have everything I want to read printed out.

It's a great service. And they have a companion, that takes my handwritten or typed notes that I snail mail back to them and converts them to Internet posts, either here on this blog or as comments on other sites.

So I hope this explains why it might take me some time to respond to your comments or emails or why I don't comment on the latest news. It's a lot to read, and it's a lot of work to keep up, and right now, I'm reading everything from December 2007, so I'm sure I'll get caught up eventually.

[fyi, and are probably owned by someone, but they don't seem to go anywhere as of the time of this posting: don't blame me if you enter the links and get porn.]