Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Attention Whore.

I was telling a friend over the weekend that I had to quit this blog because I have to break up with it. It's like that person you dated that one time who was around all the time, who wouldn't leave you alone, who suffocated you.. The sex was awesome, it was like an open bar, whatever you wanted, appeared in a clean glass with a cherry. But this is the thing, I'm the one one who won't leave you alone.

I'm the one who needs to blog about crap. I'm the one who cries out for the attention.

Even now, as I said I wouldn't blog until I finished editing the book. But here I am, begging for you to read this.

It's like a sickness. Ooh, look what clever thing I wrote today. But once it's in the book, I don't need to see it. Because it's there for good. It's an Internet sickness. So that's why I need to just cut loose from the Internet. Completely. Except for shopping and porn. I'm not that sick.