Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Library Boobs.

I've been hearing more and more about women who enjoy breastfeeding their kids in the library. Last week in Brooklyn, a woman received an apology from the public library for all the embarrassment she suffered when a security guard told her to put her tit back into her blouse.

These women say it's natural to breastfeed anywhere they choose, that the breast is not a sexual object or pornographic. And I say that I agree; "Angelina Jolie's breasts are sexual objects, but your breasts, ma'am, with the barbed-wire wrapped dagger and flaming skull tattoo, not so much."

Sure, breastfeeding is natural, but when the cop catches me peeing on the side of the 7-11, suddenly exposing myself in public is a crime. (Wait, did I say "peeing on the side of the 7-11"? I meant trying on "no pants" in Macy's.)

I've never personally seen a woman breastfeed in the library, no matter how hard I've tried. Every time I've seen a woman carrying a baby, I'd say, "He looks hungry," but nothing ever came of it.

But some of the women at the library who have see this have told me how they disapprove. And even though many women will fight for their right to do it, there are many more women who think it's gone too far. See this article, in The Atlantic, "The Case Against Breast-Feeding," and read some of the comments in the Daily News story, "Brooklyn Public Library transfers guard who chastised mom for breastfeeding baby."

So when the next patron complains that some guy is looking at images of a topless woman on his computer, I guess I can say, "I'm sorry, but that topless woman next to that donkey is holding a baby, so it's okay. You oppressive, mother-hater."