Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Real librarians.

So sometimes I go to my Blogger profile and click on the Occupation link to see what other "people" list themselves as librarians. And today, there were 11,100 of us on Blogger. And my first thought was, "Why the hell aren't you all following my blog?" And when I realized it's because I'm a dick, my second thought was, "How can I convince each of these librarians to send me 10 dollars?"

So I'm clicking through the list of 11,100 librarians to see if any single one looks clickable, like if I see one that says, About Me, "Interests include: modeling lingerie, baking pies, the.effing.librarian." ...and has a photo that isn't this guy: (Sorry, John).

And I came across a librarian named "Paige Turner." Now, is that a name for a librarian, or what? I'd like to think that's her real name. But Paige Turner, really?

Anyway, I hope everyone clicks on her link because if that's her real name and she became a librarian in spite of it, well ... can you imagine her growing up? "Oh, Paige Turner, you must love to read books. Ha. Ha."

Personally, I would want to get as far away from books as possible. And I would hate that song by Bob Seger (which is awesome on Live Bullet, which I just remembered I need to get).

So visit Paige's page and if you've never heard the "chicken walks into the library" joke, you can read it here (although I just heard there's a picture book based on the joke - called Book! Book! Book!).