Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old rich white people gaming at your library.

LISNews reported on a Washington City Paper story about The West End Library in Washington D.C. where many of the library patrons are "older, richer, whiter members of the neighborhood."
To accommodate the older, richer, whter patrons, the West End Library schedules game nights where they play
  • Waltz Waltz Revolution (WWR), which is a slower, richer, whiter version of the classic DDR. And they play
  • World of WASPcraft, where the older, richer, whiter patrons can rule the lands of 5-star hotels and Swiss banks as a "half-Mage, half-Corporate Litigator" with +9 Intimidation and Unlimited Credit.
Older, richer, whiter library patrons can enjoy game nights as much as teens. As long as the games are tailored to their specific cultural backgrounds.

So if you are not providing these programs, then ask why is your library so insensitive to this group of library user? I say you should embrace the old, rich, white people,... but not too hard because they crumble into dust.