Monday, October 27, 2008

The Twitter 100.

I don't get Twitter. Or maybe I do get it, but I refuse to play along.

I just read this article "The 5 most annoying Twitter usage trends," written by someone who is annoyed by people who don't get Twitter: Wendy Piersall, on Sat Sep 27, 2008.

She doesn't like people who use it to market their product or business. She doesn't like people who promote other social networking sites. She really doesn't like people who get "pissy" when she markets her business (you know, because she does it just the right amount). And people who don't respond to her tweets. And people who tweet more than she does.

And she says, "The other night I felt very behind on following the people who are following me, so I carved out some time with My Tweeple to get caught up. I probably added about 700+ new people to follow..."

700 Tweeple? And this is when I realized that I got it. And I would say now that the most annoying thing about Twitter is the people who do get it.

Twitter is a marketer's wet dream. It's corporate and self-promotion as social networking.
I always wondered why so many people tweet so much stuff. They want to be seen. They want to exist.

So now that I get it, I propose that we all update one hundred tweets in one day. I think that's a number that could get you noticed.

I think I can do it. Tweet: 100/1. Starting now.