Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Cat's in the Cradle," the video game

I don't have kids.

It's not that I don't want kids, but the bidding got so high on eBay that day when I put them up for sale that I couldn't refuse the offer. Besides, if I reneged on the sale, my feedback rating would plummet.

I put them up for sale as a joke, you know, as punishment. I said, "If you don't settle down, I'm putting you up for sale on eBay." And I logged in and wrote the description: "Evil children. Won't listen to parents. Good for stews."

A nice, old woman from the Black Forest bought them for 200 K (Krone) and a spell for eternal youth.

So when I played a game called Gravitation, I guess I wasn't prepared for its meaning. I can't tell you much about it, but if you have children (not in the cooking pot, but around the house), you might feel something from playing it.

The game will unzip where you tell it and it doesn't seem to install anything; it just runs when you open it. Except it wants to make your resolution 640x480, so if your computer doesn't like being forced into screen changes, you might need to change the settings manually before you launch.

After you play, then read the msnbc story about it.

And if you have kids, go pat them on the head or rub their horns or whatever you do to show affection. But do not listen to that Harry Chapin song around me because I'll be humming that thing for hours.