Friday, October 17, 2008

ALA whispers a tiny hello from its ivory tower.

From LISNews:
ALA now offers some newsletter that-I-never-knew-existed to non-members.

"Editor-in-chief Leonard Kniffel offers an insider’s view of goings-on at ALA headquarters and what hot topics ALA staffers are talking about in the hallways."

Is this what ALA staffers call water cooler talk?
Did you see last night's Censorship with the Stars? Where those celebrities ban books from the library? They're supposed to look at the books but not read them and decide which one they would remove from the collection? I thought it would be good, but mostly they chose books by thickness.

Anyway, I'm signing up (here is the link).

"Associate Editor Greg Landgraf offers his perspective from 'the lower floors' of what many see as the ALA ivory tower."

They have towers? Seriously, I'm all the way down in Florida. I don't know what it would take for me to care about what goes on in ALA. People say, "If you care about your profession, you'd join ALA." And I answer, "I see enough of my profession out here, where I work." I would think that ALA needs to come join me.

But I think this is a good first step. ALA, If you want me to care about what you do, then tell me. And I will listen. And I'll tell you about me. And after we get to know each other, then maybe we'll do some of the things I hear you like to do, like scratch out all the "n-words" from Huck Finn or paste images of gay penguins into random picture books.

How would we know they're gay penguins? Oh, we'd know.