Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why we need libraries.

I like movies. No, I love movies. No, wait, I [heart] movies. I'd be willing to draw a little heart to express how much I love movies.

So when I was just watching, Duck, You Sucker, it made me glad to see a little truth expressed in the plot by Rod Steiger, one of our greatest Mexican-American actors, stating his strong feelings against violent revolutions:

"The people who read the books go to the people who can't read the books, the poor people, and say, 'We have to have a change.'
So the poor people make the change, huh?
And then the people that read the books, they all sit around the big polished tables and they talk and talk and eat and eat, eh?
But what has happened to the poor people?
They're dead."
So I like to think that libraries exist to make poor people a little less dead.