Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Itz bin brung.

the.effing.librarian has been challenged to a "blog off."

It seems that the.effing.librarian has been challenged by someone who calls him/herself "the-F-ing-librarian" Here is the email I received:
*u suk. yr syte sux. i chalng u 2 c huz d bst blogr. suka.

First, I didn't know Francine Fialkoff read my blog (kidding), second, I didn't realize that "the.effing.librarian" brand had become such a prized commodity that someone would want to fight me over ownership or for the right to claim to be the.effing.librarian. I mean, blogging has been popular for, what ten years, and nobody ever wanted to be an effing librarian before 2007.

But now someone wants to dethrone me. Maybe she wants a cut from all those tee-shirt sales (which I make not one cent from, by the way, they're not marked up at all. that's what cafepress charges).

So, what exactly is a blog off?

Apparently, it's when two or more bloggers post simultaneously and spectators vote one the winner. It's like a dance-off, or a rap challenge. It's some new shit that started in Germany.

Anyway, if one blogger wants to dethrone another blogger, he issues a challenge in the comments section of the target's blog. Once the challenge is accepted (and dude, only a wuss would decline a challenge) the date and time of the challenge is set. The usual prize is that the winner gets to take over the loser's blog. Yeah, it's big deal.

Luckily there's site designed specifically for settling these complex blog off challenges:

The blog-off people have created all the rules needed for a blog off. They even have a "challenge stage" where up to four bloggers can "represent" all on one screen simultaneously.

When you log in as a spectator (you need javascript enabled), you will see (up to) four individual blogs (but in our case only two, unless someone else wants to enter the challenge) on your one screen, and you can see each post update in real time. Then you vote on the post you think is the best. Each level of the challenge has a topic, and posts are judged for originality and "freshness" and how many clever ways you can work in the name "Obama."

Our challenge has been set for August 6 at 10:00 PM EST, and the URL is

(this is a sample of the blog-off screen.)

I know I don't need to ask because you guys will show up and back me up. Man, I do not want to lose this site.

[note: I wouldn't know how to text in net shorthand to save my life.]

[second note: yes, I made this up. blog off? are you fucking nuts?]

[third note: apparently, there really are blog offs, who'da thunk?]