Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I must be a technotard.

I just read about a comic book called Murderdrome that was designed specifically for viewing on the iPhone.

I just saw the video of how the comic can be read on the iPhone, and I swear, I have no idea how anyone can generate any level of emotion even approaching excitement for this.

I'm not criticizing the comic because there isn't enough shown for anyone to evaluate. But man, I guess I was expecting flying cars or something, but to see static 2" x 3" panels get dragged across the screen, I just don't get it. I hoped the machete was going to swing out and cut off someone's finger and not just sit there like a 1940's Superman comic book. But you can download it to your iPhone, you say. Woo-hoo! I still don't care.

Why does the future continue to be more of the same, but just more expensive?

It would have been more fun to see a video of a guy tape a tiny Tijuana Bible to the iPhone screen and then flip through the pages.