Sunday, August 31, 2008

blog day.

It looks like it's blog day once again. Wait, that didn't come out right. Ahem. It's blog day! It's Blog Day! IT'S BLOG DAY!!!

And there are rules or something.

What I did was think back to a happy (miserable) time in my life when I used to wear black concert tee-shirts that I would buy from the flea market for bands I never saw and then tie a flannel shirt around my waist. 1978. We (yes, we. you think I would dress like this all by myself?) also ripped holes in our jeans just above the knees. And then I tied a green rag around my left leg, just above the tear. And we didn't even have MTV yet; how did we manage to be so cool? (And yes, by cool, I mean "dorks.") Oh, and that's the year I first got my ear pierced. So "flannel" was magic word for choosing blogs. And since I was just watching Arrested Development (on DVD), I picked another keyword, "mustachioed" because David Cross was just on the screen in one of those scenes where he's convinced he's a member of the Blue Man group.

So then I googlyed "flannel" and "mustachioed" to find my five blogs to link to today. Click. Enjoy.

Style Child
seems to be about clothes, but she loves libraries, so good for her.

Bleacher Report
what would professional sports be without full, thick mustaches?

The Mustachioed Gentleman
I have no idea what's going on here. But it sounds like it would make a great video game.

this girl really likes stuff.

The Ten Adventures
no comment, sleepy.