Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We know nothing. Nothing.

Well, maybe we know something, but can't agree on what that is.

Every day, the Internet supports and discounts every thought, belief, and idea we might have:
Parents let 8-year-old have cell phones while doctors are limiting their use because of the unproven threat of increased brain tumors.

USAWeekend magazine's ParentSmart section says that parents should learn to use Facebook to communicate with their children, but the USAToday Technology section reports that Congress wants to ban a child's access to Facebook and other social networking sites within public libraries.

These are from stories that appeared practically simultaneously or within days of each other.

You can find something on the Internet to support any idea you have rolling or skulking or panting or growing or slavering or bursting, out or around or through your head. The Internet validates innovation as easily as insanity.

This might be another idea entirely, but the Internet is us. And we know everything.

(Didn't I start out saying we know nothing? Oh, Everything and Nothing are the same thing on the Internet. Sometimes I just go right over my own head.)