Monday, October 22, 2007

What it's like to be an effing, whatever...

So I came across a mention of the.effing.librarian on the Library Journal site. Of course, it didn't seem like a positive mention, but I have my "World's Best Boss" coffee mug that I got from Target ("the office" collection), so who gives a crap what Library Journal thinks.

Here's what it says:
By embracing play, librarians can learn to anticipate new technologies better and maybe even become disruptive technologies in our own right. We have nothing to lose, other than the tired methods of fields we don't inhabit.
Besides, what has our focus on other disciplines and professions wrought thus far? If the blogosphere is any indication, a Repressed Librarian, a Bitter Librarian, an Annoyed Librarian, and the Effing Librarian. Isn't it time for a Playful Librarian?

And this is my comment:
I think blogging itself is an outlet for play. And I think one of the problems with librarians playing is that, one, we seem compelled to form committees for everything, and two, we want things done right the first time. "Play" allows for mistakes which librarians are trained to avoid. And don't knock the blogs so much because in my view, an effing librarian *is* a playful librarian.

I think librarians who blog are keenly aware of design. And I think we are more open to expressing ourselves and open to embracing (or at least analyzing, often criticizing, but being aware of) new ideas. (I guess that's not the same as "embracing," huh? Oh, well. He might have a point.)