Friday, October 12, 2007

Library Conspiracy - The Movie

Denzel Washington as Dexter Crane, MLS, MFS (librarian and forensic scientist)
Dennis Miller as the Expositional Eunuch
(I think there was an interview where Dennis said all his roles were as expositional eunuch whereby the hero would bounce theories off him, and Dennis would respond: "You think there's some person/company out there that's killing/burning/destroying/ these tenements/libraries/nuns? That's crazy." And he never has a relationship and sometimes gets killed or just disappears... ah, here is the source: For example, this is the way he describes his character in "The Net," the Sandra Bullock computer thriller opening today: "I'm like the expositional eunuch coming in the middle of the story. It allows her to vent all her paranoia. I nod, don't get (sex) and croak. That was my part. Bingo." - from IT'S MILLER TIME ON THE BIG SCREEN - WELL-READ AND OPINIONATED, THE COMIC SENDS HBO AUDIENCES REELINGAND NOW HE'S DIPPING A TENTATIVE FOOT INTO SUCH FILMS AS 'THE NET' Daily News of Los Angeles (CA) July 28, 1995 Author: Janet Weeks Daily News Staff Writer)

In one possible future.
As the social reform movement expanded to include libraries, more and more library buildings were being used as homeless shelters during and after hours ("after all, what good is a closed building when it could be used for helping the homeless") and librarians were being "reeducated" to support the new movement.
But as libraries were being reformed into "social networking" places, complete with condom distribution, clean needle exchange, private video and meeting booths, showers, free food kitchens, and medicinal marijuana clinics, the public perception of libraries was growing darker.

Until one day a homeless man is found murdered, his naked body displayed in a bizarre contortion, his hand clutching a Fodor's Amsterdam. "Personally, I prefer Lonely Planet," Dexter mused.

As Dexter goes deeper into an ever-expanding conspiracy, he confides his theories to EU, to which EU responds: "You think there's some company out there that's killing nuns, I mean the homeless. That's crazy."

But Dexter was sure. His training as both a library scientist and a forsensic scientist told him there was a connection. He just had to find. And that meant he would spend the day Googling for answers.

Imagine a company pushing an agenda to make libraries tools of social reform, but their ultimate goal is destroy the traditional mission of libraries so that they can move in and privatize all the libraries in the country so that they will be run under their rules and not by librarians.

This is what Dexter imagined. "Imagine an unabridged dictionary pressing down on a human face, forever," he paraphrased. "Someone has to do something to stop it. And that someone is me. As soon as I get back from lunch. Today's soup is cream of chicken with wild rice."