Saturday, October 13, 2007

Actual library stuff. I think.

First, congrats Sarah on your new job. Yes, the new title does sound very cool. You should wear even more black. You should even dye your hair black.

I don't usually have much to say about libraries or librarianship. On most levels I'm just an asshole who slipped through the cracks and got a degree because I was in the right place at the right time and the college had already cashed my checks.

I wish I could go to more conferences and share my views with others, which would put my crazy opinions into some rational perspective, so that I could at least, be invited to attend more conferences. But I don't, and it doesn't, so I'm here.

Anyway, when Sarah mentioned her new library job at San José Public Library, I clicked the link to check out their site. It's a simple page, clean, and looks more like a college web site than a public library site.

But then I clicked on the Children's page and saw this picture: the description says something cute about swallowing a book to make "it easier to digest its contents," but still, the illustration creeps me out.

And then there's this picture and description:

"Sherlock Byte is our host for KidsPlace Search. Sherlock runs a well-known detective agency. His office is in a house conveniently located near a farm owned by a chicken family. Sherlock has often been hired by them to search for missing relatives."
Dude! He's a fox! And he lives next to the chicken house! Of course you have missing relatives. He ate them!

Anyway, good luck on the new job. And I'll try to remember that kids are weird and that they find really strange and horrible things entertaining.