Saturday, September 15, 2007

this page

This blog has taught me to be a little less of an asshole (in some ways), but, unfortunately, a little more of one in others.

In general, I'd still like to learn to be more convincingly thankful and apologetic. I tend to move around not thinking that some people might care about what I say.

I really do appreciate my life; I just kinda suck at expressing it. I think some people are too busy living their lives to take the time to show some appreciation. Thank your friends and family for being around. If you worship some deity, but thankful for what you've been given. If you worship me, send me a freakin note. If this blog is your whole world, then I think I did pretty good freaking job with it. Say "thank you" once in a while, you ungrateful bastard. Yeah, you. Don't even try to hide, cause I'll find you, and I'm gonna kick your ass. You suck.