Saturday, September 1, 2007


So last year when we were in Key West, I put my money in the jukebox and dowloaded the song "Are You Man Enough" (Four Tops) to play in the bar. And everyone yelled to shut it off and said the song sucked.

Hey, hey, hey, calm down. I know they're wrong and you know they're wrong. You don't hang around in bars in the Keys waiting to hear if you got accepted into Yale. (But you do if you're waiting to hear from Princeton.)

Well, I just saw Superbad and they use that song when the kids are on the bus, and now I feel some validation (because that's a cool movie).

"Are you man enough...big and bad enough?
Are you gonna let 'em shoot ya down?
When the evil flies, and your brother cries, are you gonna be around?
Someone needs a friend, just around the bend. Don't ya think you should be there?
Are you man enough...when the goin' get's rough?
Is it in your heart to care?"

[from metrolyrics]
[note: I don't anything about Yale or Princeton, but it sounded funny. Besides, I've never seen anyone from Princeton visit this page, so there.]