Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Lucky Ones.

so I was posting a comment over at the monster library student's page, and it reminded me of when I first heard Freedy Johnston play. If you've never heard Can You Fly or This Perfect World, you're missing something special. And even Never Home starts with the kick-ass "On the Way Out."
Freedy's site says he's going to be at the Ypsilanti Library in Michigan for an interview/performance in October. So if you're in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti (like I know where the hell that is), go see the man play.

and somewhat related, I hear the Davy Jones from The Monkees also plays at libraries. No, I'm not being funny. the guy is a good entertainer. Damn, when you people turn, you turn vicious.

...and if you have a few minutes, monster's having a tough time with classes, so stop by her site and give her some support....