Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can I mentor?

I was just reading something and it reminded me that I never submitted my application to be a mentor. You might not believe this, but I'm actually a useful member of my library and an upstanding citizen in general. No, I'm serious.

And I'd like to pass my knowledge and experience off to others through a mentor program.
But I just read the application and they have questions on it, like a test.

  1. What specific, observable behaviors would you have demonstrated in the last week that would indicate that you are people oriented??
Holy crap, they got me there.
I'm not really a people person. In theory, people are great. They give you someone to talk to. They give you a ride home from the bar. They share their chocololate chip cookies with you. Thank you.

But in reality, lots of people aren't that great. Really? Do I need to point out the reasons? This isn't the kind of blog that chronicles the foibles of library users. If you want that, you can visit Miss Information, or Tales from the Liberry or The Annoyed Librarian. These bloggers already do it better, so why reinvent the wheel.

But now that I 've thought about it, I think I am people oriented. I'm negatively people oriented. Or positively, depending on whose side you take. I think people can be better than they are. Yes, me included. So maybe I can mentor.

Crap. I missed the application deadline.