Friday, September 21, 2007

amazon test for cloudy goodness

I just saw this widget from and I thought it would be neat to see what products they might recommend to you based on the content of this blog.

The Internet is starting to freak me out with its interconnectedness. When I tell people in our computer classes that deleting cookies will help to keep them anonymous on certain web sites, I'm beginning to think that's no longer true. Many people now connect through a static IP which can be logged beyond any cookie transfer, and if your PDA or phone carries a GPS and you use it to surf, third-party agreements and complex privacy policies can have companies tracking (and compiling databases and personalized usage algorithms?) every moment of your life.

And I need to do my part to help. So I put the Amazon thingy here to give companies more data. And since this page is so full of crap, it'll just be gigo misinformation. It might be a fun experiment, or maybe nothing. But it's free, and I'll keep it for a few days to see what happens.