Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Writing is fun.

It's fun to see your thoughts formed as words. And so blogging is fun, too.

Being a librarian is an under-appreciated profession. People don't understand us or don't respect all that we can do for them. But we do it, and for not very much pay. So we sometimes need this other stuff to make us happy.

I don't have anything else to say that there aren't 10,000 other bloggers saying already.

But I think this is important: Write a letter to a friend. Take out a piece of paper and get a pen and write a letter. And get her to write back.
One day, all these zeroes and ones are a-gonna start a-feudin and all this electronic crap will go poof. And then all you'll have is that sheet of paper with those words that your friend wrote, but unfolding it and re-reading it will make you feel damn good.

And for the record, when you tell your grandchildren about me, and I know you will, remember that I'm the.effing.librarian. I'm not the.elfing.librarian (I know that guy; he's cool, but I ain't him) or the.arfing.librarian or the.enron.librarian or the.teflon.librarian (come on, people, those aren't even close).

So get it right. Those kids are gonna need a role model.