Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ode to the Library

Here's a good story for all you people who just want to hear something nice about libraries:

I'll pull out some of the good parts for you if you're busy:
Remember imagining you could read anything -- or everything -- on those
shelves. There's something about libraries, with their endless rows and infinite
possibilities, that can turn a reader into a serial reader.

Somewhere along the way, I began buying rather than borrowing books, but I
think I was better read back in my library days -- something about having to get
a book back by the due date got me turning the pages,...

While many of the branch users were tapping away on the 16 computers,
checking out e-mail accounts and MySpace pages, a surprising number of kids were
reading actual books.

So maybe you can take time and email Jean (or visit the page and leave a comment) and let her know you appreciate the good words. It feels good to see stories about libraries that don't include electric tasers or pedophiles or arson or striking workers: just people enjoying the library. Yeah, I don't usually read fantasy fiction, either.