Thursday, May 3, 2007

What'chu Say?

Porn bill would put onus on libraries: Here is a headline from the Springfield Post-Dispatch in Illinois, and it's the usual story about how public libraries are supposed to use filtering software on their Internet computers to block access to porn sites. The story includes the typical liberal "wild-eyed assholery" (wow, thanks National Lampoon, I'm finally able to use that phrase in a sentence) from a librarian about how filtering software violates free speech or clubs baby seals ("it blocks legitimate access to breast cancer sites"-- yes, I believe the software blocks

Use software; don't use software. Let old dudes masturbate in front of the kids. I don't care how you run your library. The only thing I take offense with is the use of the word "onus" in the headline. I don't think anyone should ever put the words porn and onus in the same sentence. Some words should remain at a distance. The editor should know this. You don't write, Champion eater swallows most weiners or Fire marshal examines hoses. And you don't put onus next to porn. It sounds too much like anus or penis, and that just gives me the giggles.