Thursday, April 26, 2007

really weak

Participation on Web 2.0 sites remains weak

Web 2.0, a catchphrase for the latest generation of Web sites where users contribute their own text, pictures and video content, is far less participatory than commonly assumed, a study showed on Tuesday.
A tiny 0.16 percent of visits to Google’s top video-sharing site, YouTube, are by users seeking to upload video for others to watch, according to a study of online surfing data by Bill Tancer, an analyst with Web audience measurement firm Hitwise.
Similarly, only two-tenths of one percent of visits to Flickr, a popular photo-editing site owned by Yahoo Inc., are to upload new photos, the Hitwise study found.

This was supposed to go with the previous post, but every time I published it, it disappeared and all the commentary after it my train of thought is gone. I guess I have to stick to Notepad first, then paste stuff in just in case this happens again. The point was if so few people are using these 2.0 services, then who are the wired librarians serving? I had a clever comment about that, but now it's gone. This software sucks.