Monday, August 9, 2010

Conservatives, fearing Socialism, embrace Communism.

Phil Fretz on August 8, 2010, Florida Times-Union:
Phil says,
"Now for a firm grasp of the obvious: The library system wastes money,but it's almost parsimonious compared to City Hall.

Maybe our leaders in Washington could learn something from the president of Cuba.

Raul Castro recently said he wanted to lay off 20 percent of the workers in his 'considerably bloated ... state sector.'"
I think Phil is joking about finding a solution from the Cuban government. From their cigar manufacturers, maybe, since they don't outsource their cigar industry to other countries. (Yes, you can buy "Cubans" made in El Salvador and Honduras, but everyone knows they're not real Cubans, you dumb tourist.)

I hate when everyone says that public libraries waste money because they are part of government. We have to buy things and we need to pay salaries. And some employees have been around for 20-plus years: is your solution to fire them and hire new people for much less? Who are you going to hire if everyone knows there is no future in your library? The crappiest people? The ones who won't give a shit about building a community library because they know that their part in the community will be short?

I know you're mad about something, Phil, but don't take it out on libraries. And if you're so mad that you think we'd be better off to emulate Cuba, then maybe you need a little more help than this effing librarian can give you.