Monday, July 5, 2010

The "$10,000 book" got marked down.

The "$10,000 book" is out. But for circumstances beyond my control, I had to price it at $2,999.99.

And again, this is my reasoning: since no one would buy my books for fifteen dollars, they might as well not buy them for then thousand dollars.

I really wanted to have a book published that would cost $10,000. I wanted to go to Amazon and find my ten thousand dollar book and shout, "Woo-hoo!" Because ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. Or so I thought.

But not so for a book on Amazon. I just did a search and found:

The case of the irate witness: A Perry Mason mystery, and other stories by Erle Stanley Gardner (Hardcover - 1973)
1 used from $55,364,960.99
Seller: Mr. Affordable

And then I see that there are hundreds of other books that are listed for millions of dollars. So pretty much everyone has one goof book on Amazon listed for thousands of dollars or more. And my dream of having one of the most expensive published books faded away.

So my third book, Librarianship: "THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL": a $2,999.99 book is listed for $2,999.99 and not $10,000. Because then it would have a different title, dummy.

I don't really have anything else to say about it. But as soon as I order a few copies for myself, I will hold a raffle and give a couple away.

But I am working on a fourth book, one that will be priced under $20. Because it seems unfair to anyone who doesn't want to buy any of my books, to not buy them simply because of price. To say, "Oh, the effing librarian isn't worth $2,999.99" isn't much of an argument. I want to give everyone the opportunity to not buy my books, not because they are cheap bastards, but because they think I suck.