Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm "viewing content." Right.

So again, thanks to links on Twitter, I have been wasting my life looking at crap. Oh, wait, "viewing content." Because thanks to this handy graphic, I can see that all the time we humans waste online can be divided into one of three broad life-wasting categories: Social Networking, Viewing Content, and Other.

But thank you, all you people who give me more crap to look at. Yes, much of it is pretty darn useful, but hell, I got work to do and English muffins to butter and socks to put on then take off again and put on the other foot when I see that the hole is right over my big toe.

But if these researchers can sum up our entire online existence and park it under three vaguely differing categories, then I might as well come up with my own. And since I can do it better than some researchers, I've broken all the time spent online into two categories (mine is on the left):