Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hooray! I Lost!

Peter W Tobey
Director, Sales & Marketing, Salem Press


Salem Press has announced its Library Blog Awards. Awards were given in five categories: General Interest, Academic, Public, School and "Quirky" library blogs. First prize in each category is awarded $500, second prize is $250 and third is $100.

In addition, the judges qualified approximately 80 blogs (out of a field of 400) as "notable." All 400 blogs are included in Salem's blog directories at www.SalemPress.com/blogs. You'll also find discussions of judging criteria there (see Blog Thoughts) and short biographies of the judges.

This is a contest I was not aware of until I was told I might win. There was some mention of a prize, but if I'd known it would be in actual money, I might have cared more. Maybe produce some quality writing, at least temporarily as the judges clicked over to here. But I didn't, in my wildest imagination think that I could win as much as $500 for doing nothing. So now I'm pissed that I didn't win a prize that I didn't know or care about until not winning suddenly convinced me otherwise. I thought I'd get a pen, or a box of remaindered books. But money? Who'da thunk it?

It turns out that this blog is considered a public library blog. And the winners in this category are (remember, not me):

Public Library Blogs

I would congratulate these winners, but I'm petty. Oh, what the hell... Congratulations, Winners of actual American money and not a pen!

But anyway, you can see that there are many blogs that also lost. But this blog received a gold star, which is a way of saying that I'm good enough for any amount of praise that excludes prizes.
Here is the description I sent Salem Press for this blog:
the.effing.librarian is an extremely important library blog. If you don't already know about it, you don't deserve to know. No, you can't go there now, it's too late for you. Don't beg.
That bundle of words alone deserves something. Even a pen would be nice. But I'm going to explore the other losers' blogs and maybe some of them will check out mine.