Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Embarrassment Wednesday.

On "Embarrassment Wednesdays," I will post something for which I truly feel embarrassment. Today it's my library school at FSU.

In a ceremony attended by the avatars of six students, the first virtual graduation of The Florida State University took place online on Saturday, May 1, in Second Life.

"'It really brought forth the reality of graduation for me since I was not able to attend in person,' Linda Vosburgh said."

You mean "the virtual reality of graduation," don't you [pig snort laughter]. Because real reality is, aw, crap, I don't even know anymore.

But here, for your (and my) Wednesday Embarrassment, is the video:

check out these time markers,
mark 0:20: is this Hogwarts? Up, broom. UP BROOM! Harry looks like he's hopping instead of flying.

mark 0:27: is that Patrick Henry or some other historic American sporting that tricorne hat?

mark 6:21: "Will the candidates ... please put your pants on. Just because your avatar is clothed, that doesn't mean you can sit there at home jiggling your mouse, au naturel."

mark 6:47: wtf? was that Superman?

mark 8:30: surface to air missiles? you can't hurt Superman with those. (except for those green kryptonite ones.)

Okay. I'm kidding about the embarrassment. Congratulations, MLIS graduates. You can file a claim for unemployment benefits at, Hurry up, I just put some political science graduates on the computers ahead of you.