Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30. Set. Match.

And this is 30!

I was supposed to write 30 posts in 30 days during June... and this is it... I am done.

Okay, this isn't really it, but I should get a break for finishing early. Or maybe I should just pick another winning city?

I know that some of you will argue (rightly) that a blog post referencing the completion of a goal is not to be counted in the goal itself. It's the old, "should a reference book indexing all the reference books in the world also index itself?" argument.

And the answer is No. The index (and this blog post) are not part of the set. But many of you will argue that the book should include itself in its index otherwise it is incomplete. And it's you people I'm counting on to let is slide and include this post as one of the 30.

And, no, I don't understand "set theory." I'm beautiful, not smart. And yes, you can be both, but I didn't know that when I just a tiny baby in Heaven and God asked. I said, "Beuful" because I was just a tiny baby and I couldn't speak yet. And besides, it sounded adorable when I said it. But this is number 30. And I am on break.

And since you're making me do it, today's random winner is Salisbury, Maryland. Congratulations, Salisbury. I love your steak.