Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday the 13th.

It's not Friday and this past one fell on a different date, but I was listening to the radio yesterday last week and they were talking about the "week that was" or the "weekly top 10" or the "weekly roundup" or whatever news people like to do on Fridays and it had me wondering what I might do each Friday to wrap up the week...

And I came up with Friday the 13th. Each Friday, or whatever other day I can remember, I will write something about the 13th thing on my mind. Other people have their top ten list, but I will ignore the top ten news items and even skip over the next two items to get to "the thirteenth thing."

There are lots of important events that require my attention.

Yeah, I wanted that to sink in. Of course, I'm joking. But I plan to take this seriously and I'm going to do my best to comment on an important event that matters, to everyone. So let's get this baby started:

  1. BP Oil Spill
  2. Times Square Bomber
  3. Supreme Court nominee
  4. Arizona immigration laws
  5. the falling Euro
  6. Earthquakes
  7. China school children stabbings
  8. Facebook privacy
  9. Megan Fox's topless photo
  10. do I need new shoes?
  11. library stuff
  12. wait, what about Megan Fox topless photos?
  13. library Ghostbusters

So what do I think of this? Besides, crap? Let's take a look at what I noticed:

not one person in the New York Public Libary is reading a book (until the ghost checks the dictionary);

the security guard lets the hooded man in without question. didn't NY learn anything from 9/11?;

a bunch of nerds, probably librarians are watching and waiting while a ghost checks the definition of "poltergize" or "pollerguys" or... screw it, "ghost";

a bunch of guys enter the library carrying atomic proto-weapons and everyone laughs??;

and then they begin chasing a ghost around the library... which is a lot less fun than it sounds, especially if you turn off your speakers... even an old Andy Warhol-looking dude is only momentarily impressed, far short of the usual 15 minutes;

and then the armed dudes chase the ghosts from the library and people clap as if this has been the greatest 2 minutes of their lives... remember, this is New York... dudes in yellow jumpsuits chasing other dudes in white sheets must happen every day. but this time was special...

Maybe the library patrons clapped because no one passed around a pail soliciting a donation after the performance: "I am Peebo and this is Karl and Colgate and Ajax. If you enjoyed our performance, please give generously. Also, Colgate is missing a toe. God bless."

added after: okay, I just saw that this was done to rally support for libraries, ...ah, now don't I feel like a dick.
"The library said it hopes to use the video to publicize its Don’t Close the Book campaign, which is designed to raise funds as well as awareness that the library is facing a budget cut of as much as $37 million."