Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Social media was made for this...

So I saw this last night on Twitter:
karianneholt knock knock
And it seemed to me, at the very moment, that the ultimate purpose for Twitter and the design of all social and collaborative tools was to tell "knock, knock" jokes.

And I replied, "Who's there?"
"Ice cream soda."
"Ice cream soda, who?"

So that put me in the mood to collaborate and I asked Twitter, and by association, the entire English-speaking world, to reply to my tweet and contribute to my blog:
"tweet my next blog post. reply by lunch and I will combine all into my blog. please, I am lazy. themes are libraries and/or key lime pie."
And I sort of expected three responses. I hoped for ten, and I got one:

@effinglibrarian I had a gentleman ask if we had the newspaper The Village Voice. He wanted a recipe for key lime pie. I swear! 2 days ago

So you can say that my part of the experiment was FAIL, but the first part, the knock knock joke part, where I was a participant, that was FTW because the communication was dependent on previous and future messages which is something I rarely see on my social media rounds, which I admit are cursory and infrequent.

Anyway... back to it.