Friday, April 16, 2010

Glee H8tr, Me.

I would never admit this to anyone, but I don't like Glee.

I just saw this article on E! that said if I hate Glee, then I must hate America because Glee is America. [Is It OK to Hate Glee? by Leslie Gornstein]

Well, I guess if Glee is America, then uber-bitch Sue Sylvester represents, where? She's win-at-all-cost, anti-everybody, and from what I can tell, the star of the show. Which is the most hating city in America?

But one of the reasons I don't like Glee is that I don't think it's very funny. And it's been promoted as hilarious. There are funny parts, but it doesn't seem like a comedy, just a drama with some funny parts.

Another reason is the TV stereotyping. Do we need another "proud black woman" who's "larger-sized"? Do we really need another dorky kid with glasses who's in a wheelchair? Or even one? I wish they'd mixed it up a little with those two: put a jock in the wheelchair. Hire the most beautiful black girl, who maybe can't sing that well,.. at least do something different.

But I like the "gay kid." He's exactly 10% more gay than the gay kids I went to high school with and that's a good amount for television. Yes, I'm talking about you, Leon, Christopher, Steve, Francisco, Lincoln and Chuck. If you'd turned the gayness up a little, you would have all been famous.

My favorite character is Brittany, the super-idiot, and by extension, her master (mistress) Santana. I just love dopey characters who say dumb stuff like, "Dolphins are just gay sharks." I'm glad they're giving her more lines.

I think what had me tip over to realizing I'm not a fan was the club's performance on Hello Goodbye, which I thought sounded like crap. And I cringe each time someone says "mashup." I find most of Glee hit or miss from one scene to the next. Despite my complaints about the characters, I think the cast is very strong and each kid has acting skills to convince me that they are who they are supposed to be, and not adults pretending to be teens, and that counts for a lot. And the writers manage to surprise me pretty often, as in the Sectionals episode when we learned that the judges don't give the tiniest crap about who wins the competition.

So really, E! Online, Glee is about America? On the surface there's "Wheels! Gay kid! Asian! Other Asian! Aretha! Shaft!" to quote Sue. But aside from that superficial melting pot, the Glee kids are the least popular in school and get slushies thrown in their faces almost daily by the cool kids. The club never has enough money to train how they should and they compete in an activity that most people find idiotic and worthless. On the plus side, the club director isn't the school librarian. So, really? America? I thought we were the coolest country on the planet.

But I'll keep watching because my girlfriend loves it. Why hasn't anyone made a TV show where the man sits with a woman watching all her favorite TV shows while making fun of them? Because that would be me and my girlfriend. I can't shut up when these shows are on; I pick on everything. But of all the things she makes me watch, Glee is one of the least painful: um, Little House on the Prairie Marathon, anyone?

And if they can manage to get Kristin Chenoweth back and into a lingerie catfight with Jayma Mays over Will's affections, that that would be awesome. Oh, no, I know more about Glee then I thought I did. And Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota.