Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Fame is Overdue.

If you own This Book Is Overdue!, flip to page 51 to see the.effing.librarian mentioned and preserved for all time.

I wasn't going to mention this here because I just use this blog for fun and not for commercial purposes. Except when mentioning those good folks at Nabisco and their fine product, Ritz crackers: Mmm, good cracker.

Also, it's a book about librarians. And why would I want to associate myself with any of them? Better to just not mention the book at all.

But then the general excitement and appreciation for Marilyn mentioning me, when she could have typed the name of any number of other (yes, less talented) bloggers, won out.

And as you can see, I have an autographed copy, signed to the effing librarian. When someone at LISNews posted that I appeared in the book, I emailed Marilyn and asked how I could purchase an autographed copy. But get this, here is what she wrote back:
"yes, effing, I do mention you....and I follow you, too. In fact, I think I wrote to you and asked to use your fab chart Should You Become A Librarian in one of my presentations. (Can I?)I will send you a copy signed to the effing librarian if you do. Send your address! I think you're great!"
Look at that, the closed quote goes all the way to the end, meaning that "I think you're great!" is something she actually wrote. Yes, I know you also think I'm great, but who are you? Nobody. This is a somebody; an author. I know your cats think you're somebody, but they're still going to eat your face when you die on that couch. Knitting.

I never heard if she used the "Should you become a librarian?" chart, or more importantly, when she used it, did it get a laugh.

Anyway, the book seems to be doing well. A big plus for it over her previous book about dead people is that the current subjects tend to buy more books than the former. Go and get a copy. I have two; the one she sent me and the one I bought which still needs signing. I guess I'll have to get this one addressed to my "real" name, whatever that is.