Thursday, December 3, 2009

Okay, I agree with this one:

Woman wants sex book banned from Pataskala library. The book is, Mastering Multiple Position Sex: Mind-Blowing Lovemaking Techniques That Create Unforgettable Orgasms.

Written by this guy:

Eric Marlowe Garrison, MAEd, MSc, DLSHTM.

Or written by some really ugly guy who got that photo out of a new wallet.

"[Marti] Shrigley took her campaign to Matt Nojonen, director of the public library, and appealed to the library's board of trustees. The board, however, voted unanimously in November to maintain the book in the library's collection."

"Nojonen selected the book, and he said he was swayed by Garrison's credentials -- as a sexuality and relationship educator, Garrison has made presentations to hospitals, universities, medical schools and fraternities and athletic teams..."

Swayed only by his credentials?? Not by those hypnotically blue, bedroom eyes. Methinks Matt isn't being too honest. To his credit, the author's bio says he "earned the Diploma of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine... and holds lifetime membership in the American College of Sexologists." I was going to say that the Hygiene and Tropical Medicine degree sounds a little sketch, but, holy crap! a lifetime member of the American College of Sexologists sounds a thousand times better on a resume then "library school."

In Shrigley's corner, I can find no published reviews for this book. And WorldCat shows only 5 locations holding it, with two of those being book sellers, and of course the LOC. So I'm not sure how the library even found the title to purchase it.

I tried to access the publisher's website, Quiver Books, but our filter blocks access to it. Okay, fine, I bypassed the filter in the name of librarianship. And, hotchee-motchee, this site is smoking! There's this flash animation with couples boning in all sorts of locations. And boobies! Male and female boobies! Wait, what the hell is she doing with that?! Does that really fit in there? Without butter?

The Quiver page says, "Quiver Books, books and kits for couples wanting to take their sex lives to the next level. Books feature sex positions, techniques, erotic stories, color photography, kama sutra, and tantra. Celebrate erotic pleasure and intimacy through beautiful, sophisticated photography and inspiring text."

So, what do you think, kids? Does this book go too far? Is the library right to keep it on the shelf? And how many of you are adding this title to your Christmas list? Especially if you've been naughty this year and you want next year to be a lot naughtier.