Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The New York Public Library's Perpetual Motion Engine

The New York Public Library is updating their website, and the beta version is here.

There's also a video which explains the new, what did the voice say? "dynamic platform for an evolving ecosystem." Yeah, that, whatever that is.

But what was really interesting is that the video tells me that the evolution will be linked to "staff contributed content."

I'm guessing that some brainiac realized that all the librarians spent the day on Facebook and Twitter and WordPress, and figured out that since staff are blogging anyway, they might as well make it part of their regular responsibilities. I blog all day for the benefit of no one.

But I'm not crazy about their new slogan, "Discover. Connect. Get Inspired." It lacks poetry. And what are the librarians going to blog about all day? New York? What the hell ever happens that's interesting in New York? I wish them luck.