Tuesday, December 1, 2009

let's play 'guess that anime':

here are some clues for you to guess which anime I'm watching now:
the show has a,

rockin, yet generic soundtrack: check
high-tech, yet retro world: check
story based on a video game: check

the protagonist has,

slacker-'tude: check
emo hair: check
long coat: check
boots: check
gloves: check
big guns: check
giant sword: check
fast bike: check
fights monsters: check
mysterious past: check
hot chicks who love/hate him: check
overly-melodramatic voice acting: check
sweet tooth: check
exists on a diet that should make a normal person obese: check
some sort of detective: check
precocious tot to guard: check
regrets: check
seemingly unlimited funds but claims poverty: check
never exercises or stretches, but has catlike moves: check
kicks ass at everything he does: check
pretends not to care, but deep down, really cares; in fact, he may care too much: check

yeah, sorry if these aren't enough clues.. click/drag for answer:
Devil May Cry