Friday, September 4, 2009

Why I love Rollerball.

I love the movie Rollerball. But no, it's not a great movie.

I used to just love BAD ASS JAMES CAAN skating around and punching heads. But now that I've been a librarian, I see these scenes as somewhat prescient:

[copied from script-o-rama]

LIBRARIAN- Can I help you, please?

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN- Yeah. I tried to order some books and they said I had to appear at the center personally.

LIBRARIAN- That's right, this is our circulation unit. Make your choice here or by catalog. [she READS the card] There must be a mistake. These books are classified. They have been transcribed and summarized.

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN- Who summarizes them?

LIBRARIAN- I suppose the computers do. What do you need books for?

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN- I wanna study up on some things.

LIBRARIAN- You could go to the computer center where the real librarians are. But we have all the edited versions here. Anything I think you'd want.

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN-Let's see, then. This is not a library and you're really not a librarian.

LIBRARIAN- I'm only a clerk, that's right. I'm sorry, really.

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN- The books are really in computer banks being summarized? Where is that?

LIBRARIAN- There's a computer bank in Washington. The biggest is in Geneva. That's a nice place to visit. I guess that's where the books are now.

-------- LATER SCENE ------

OLD COMPUTER DUDE- We're a little confused again here today. This is embarrassing. It's embarrassing to misplace things.

BAD ASS JAMES CAAN- You've misplaced some data?

OLD COMPUTER DUDE- Mm, the whole of the 14th century. Misplaced the computers - several conventional computers. We can't find them. We're always moving things around, getting organized, my assistants and l. But this is Zero's fault. Zero, he's the world's file cabinet. Pity. Poor old 14th century. Well, come along now. You want to get started, don't you?


OLD COMPUTER DUDE- This way. Now... We've lost those computers with all of the 14th century in them. Not much in the century - just Dante and a few corrupt popes. But it's so distracting and annoying.