Friday, August 28, 2009

some tweet repeats (tweetpeats?)

Here are most of my Twitter posts for the last week or so. No reason why you shouldn't suffer through them, also.

this isn't my real hair.

Meth ring used comic books to launder cash:
when busted, bail was $1 million or one copy of Action Comics #1. @LISNews

Remember when Twitter was just a joke? (I do.)

Another black mark on Nixon's legacy: giving fake moon rock to The Netherlands, , 7 of 10 parents want their kids to be teachers. When asked about kids becoming librarians, parents said, "That's a job?"

I know computer stuff, but I won't be satisfied until I can create fire from any 2 objects, like maybe an ear of corn and a Panama hat.

please, please, please, don't let "Surfing the Web" die. it's the only exercise I get:

just spent 2 hours in a room with 10 women...
(and boy, are my arms tired --- sorry, wrong punchline -- or maybe not )

French conversation is "too sexy" for the iPhone which makes the phones explode,

Print magazines aren't dead until YOU stop reading about Jon & Kate and Jennifer Love Hewitt's cellulite-free ass:

my ISPs DNS craps out and pretends it can find an address if I don't type "www." then it dumps me on a link site to generate ad $$. Dr. Horrible figure set auction for Kids Need to Read! RT @wolfchild59. KN2R: provides books to libraries, schools, etc

"12 most annoying types of Facebookers." (or twittererers) holy crap! I think I'm all of these:

Necessities for Survival: 1, Food. 2, Water. 3, Shelter. 4, Network Connection. But maybe we can swap 3 and 4.

Did you read Luann this week? It's about libraries: , a good strip here:

I want to be a Children's Librarian. Kids have no reason to despise me. ... oh, except that I fear children... their innocence weakens me.