Monday, July 20, 2009

Has Library 2.0 Fulfilled its Promise?

From The Ultimate Debate: Has Library 2.0 Fulfilled its Promise?

First, I wasn't aware that it promised anything. Did it promise to walk the dog? Because Buddy just peed all over the floor.

I've never been to an LITA conference and since I just came in from getting the mail, I don't see that I'm ever invited to anything. But that's never stopped me.

So here are my answers to the questions posed to the panelists from the original conference:

“What does Library 2.0 mean to you?”

It's that line in the code that divides me from you because I understand it and you don't. So that makes me better. Library 2.0 separates today's librarian from yesterday's, so take the hint and retire already. I got dibs on your chair.

"What is a Library 2.0 technology?"

It's everything that isn't the old card catalog. Which was really easy to use and didn't require any electricity or energy or computing technology. Library 2.0 utilizes technology to open library services to all, both local and distant users, at home, in the library or on the move. Library 2.0 is superior to anything which came before. And Library 2.0 leaves a huge carbon footprint. I think it wants to kill us.

"What are some of the barriers you to see to libraries adopting some of these Library 2.0 tools?"

Absolutely nothing. Except that most of our patrons don't care about them. Even after I've explained how useful they are, our patrons still want to know why the wait for getting a copy of Wild Hogs is so long. Because that movie's hilarious, I tell them. That John Travolta; is there anything he can't do?

"Can we point to some successes of 2.0 technologies and principles?"

I'm sorry. That movie still has me laughing. What was the question, again?