Saturday, April 18, 2009

Show me your boobs!

Twitter has blown all our preconceived ideas about connecting with others out of the water.

People follow hundreds or thousands of twittererers. And they expect that hundreds will follow them back. Not one second goes by on Twitter that 500 people aren't telling someone, anyone, what they've done or thought or wished.

Twitter is like Mardi Gras where we all lift our tops and hope for someone to throw beads.

I've never been to Mardi Gras, but I've been to parades and street parties in Tampa and Miami and I can imagine that any expectations of meeting another person on the sidewalk or in a bar are completely unrealistic while everyone is rushing to some new place or following friends or catching up with friends or just screaming at the crowd and having a good time.

So Twitter really isn't about meeting anyone. It's social networking window shopping.

If you really want to meet someone, you need some peaceful corner to work your magic. It ain't gonna happen while you're shouting above the crowd: "Hey! Hey! Hey! I like. I like. I like. I like your. Your earrings. Yeah, your. Earrings. Yeah. I like them. Cool."

So now I understand Twitter. It makes more sense if you've had a few drinks first. And if you're not afraid to show your boobs.