Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009: The Year of the Librarian.

I'm reading much more this year about the changing roles of librarians than I ever have before. I have one of my feeds send me all the Google news stories about librarians, and compared to the usual "librarian turns the page" retirement stories and library program stuff of the past, I see much more written on the importance of libraries and librarians. I guess it's the shitty economy. Or maybe it's a brief period between celebrity babies.

But the news media have been making room to report on us, on what we we and how we do it. And that's cool. I still think they don't understand us, but we're in the news, and that's a start.

If anyone from the media needs to talk to the.effing.librarian, I'm right here by the phone, logged into Twitter, with my Gmail open, and my eye on the snail mail box. Ask me something about librarians. Or not about librarians. Anything. Please. I'm so lonely.