Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm not spying on you, but...

Yes, I use software to collect visitor statistics. No, I don't keep any permanent records of who visits. But it does freak me out when I post something about a company or agency, then get a visit from a user at that company or agency less than an hour later. It just shows that some people care very much about what is said about them on the Web.

The oddest visits I've had that I can remember were from The Supreme Court of the USA. I don't know what they wanted or what they expected to find, but it made me panic and throw my cell phone into a lake.

The coolest thing about these statistics is that I see all these places I've never known about. Like today, I had a visit (and don't get mad if this is you -- I'm sure your city is a big place and I don't think anyone will discover that you visit here and punish you for it) from West Linton, The Scottish Borders, UK. Now where is that? It looks like a country suburb between Glasgow and Edinburgh with a large golf course and only one highway.

Another visit was from Roubaix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Google has street view maps for here. Both look like places I'd like to visit. Hint, hint. ...If you have a cot for me to sleep on.

These people visited on purpose, but I get a lot of accidental hits from web searches. Unfortunately, more than a few for "how to steal library books." Today I have one from University College London where the person wanted "how to steel book from library."

Anyway, thanks for visiting. And University College, Rachel, Anna, get that guy! He's stealing your books right now!