Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama = Hope. Or Obama = Hungry.

So the Associated Press is trying to get a cut from all the $$$ this Obama-Hope image has generated since they own the original photo (snapped by a temp named Manny Garcia). The artist of the Hope image, Shepard Fairey, never got permission to use the original as a template for his work, and so the argument is whether he was required to ask.

I see the resemblance between the images, but to me, the original photo doesn't say, HOPE, it says, "I think I left the bathroom light on." His eyes look a little flat, lacking that glint of inspiration, of vision, of leadership, that the Fairey work reveals.

Other things the original AP photo seems to say (that do not equal HOPE):

  • I think I'm having the tuna salad for lunch. Yeah, I should get someone to pick that up for me. And a Sunkist.

  • What the hell is going on with Heroes? Man, that show used to be awesome, but not now.

  • I think I'll work on my Facebook after this.

  • Where did Michelle get these boxers because they are pretty darn comfortable.

  • Do I know that guy? I think I know that guy.

  • If the White House doesn't have TiVo, I'm getting TiVo. Being President is going to be awesome.
So AP, leave it alone. You are hopeless.