Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I miss the twentieth century already.

I miss movies in theaters. I miss handwritten letters. I miss talking on the phone while sitting in an easy chair. I miss drinking water from a faucet. I miss video taping television shows. I miss the promise of the future. I miss Hollywood movie stars. I miss VHF/UHF. I miss doodling on paper. I miss real butter. I miss pop top cans. And I miss newspapers.

I'm going to try to read the newspaper more often.

So I'm reading the New York Times right now. Come sit and read it with me. Look, an ad for Crestor. Wow, that's a beautiful photo of Tokyo Tower. Hmm, the Gaza Strip doesn't look very big on this map. On page A16, a woman laments divorcing her husband because she received so little money from the sale of their house, saying if she would have known, she might have stuck it out for a couple more years until home prices rebounded. Interesting. Bank robberies are up 54% in New York this year; no one has any money, but bank robbers are still taking what little they can get. Hey, the photo at the bottom of page A20 says that the confetti that will drop on New Years will be "inscribed with wishes from people around the world." Cool. How did they get to do that? Was there some form online that I could have filled out? Ooh, 30-yr. fixed mortgage rates are really low. Time to refinance? Have I ever seen the movie Easy Living? The review on C3 sounds like I'd like it. Wow, movie ads in the paper sure are big (does Yes Man really deserve a full page ad?). Page D5 has a review of a book about pooping which the reviewer calls "extraordinary." There you go, 64 pages of the New York Times. Thanks for reading with me.