Thursday, November 20, 2008

Electronicless log.

I'm trying to find the current term for writing thoughts on paper. Is it "offline blogging" or "ink blogging"? Since the Internet is changing everything and sometimes creating new names for old things, do the old names for old things change?

Me: I was writing in my journal today...
Not Me: I leave notes on Facebook, too.
Me: No, not Facebook.
Not Me: Twitter?
Me: No, a book journal. On paper.
Not Me: Oh. Does anyone read that?
Me: No, it's private. It's not online. It's just in this book that I keep at my desk.
Not Me: [?]

So what is the term for when you have private thoughts that you write on paper and don't include links to other stuff unless you tear something out of a newspaper or magazine and comment on it, but it's completely self-contained in that you don't need to look outside the pages to understand what's going on, and you don't intend to publish later and you keep other people from reading the thoughts because they're meant for you alone?

Maybe we're not at the point yet where paper is so rare that we are unable to imagine that writing upon it is unnatural. Paperless means something today, but maybe we're not at the point where there's an antonym for paperless. Is netless a modifier? Computerless? Electronic(s)less?